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The World's Prediction Marketplace

It’s Simple

Here’s how it works.

You Place Predictions

Experts like you place predictions about stocks, sports, cryptocurrency, geopolitical events, and more.

Grow Your Reputation

Gain clout by predicting future outcomes.

Sell Predictions

A global audience can purchase your predictions from our marketplace, and consider your prediction in their decision making.  


Blockchain Meets Centralized Storage: Blockchain technology will change the world we live in, DualChain™ will become how we trust software


You Make a Prediction

We automatically encrypt your prediction and link it into our Dualchain™, protecting it from freeloaders and perserving the value of your prediction.


Both Sides of the Chain Hold Your Prediction

We, in addition to the community, host the chain. This doubles your protection, as our servers are run in redundency and disconnected from the World Wide Web. 


One-Click Audit

All of our users can easily audit us with the click of a button, from anywhere in our app.